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Denver Carpet Repair: Things to Know

If you have extra carpet, you can have your carpet repaired

We need to have some of the original carpet in order to properly repair your carpet. It’s very hard (almost impossible) to match carpet.

If you don’t have any extra carpet, we can “borrow” some from a closet, then replace the closet’s carpet with as close a carpet as we can find.

Will the carpet repair patch be invisible?

A carpet repair sometimes is totally invisible. Other times, it is evident that there has been a repair. It depends on many factors, including the type of carpet, the location of carpet, and age of the carpet. Even if there has been no traffic on the replaced piece of carpet, the carpet color may have changed from exposure to the sun.

Short nap carpet seams are more visible than long-fiber carpets. Repairs on older carpet will show the seams more than new carpet repairs. When repairing looped carpet, the direction of the repair is important.

We offer many different types of Denver carpet repair

In this article, we have discussed carpet patching. Carpet patching is just one of the services we provide, including:

  • Carpet stretching
  • Carpet patching
  • Carpet burn repair
  • Carpet → floor transitions
  • Berber carpet repair
Contact us for more information on expert Denver carpet repair!

Denver is Having Mud Season in January

With the warm weather we’ve been having in Denver, carpets are getting beaten up.

Denver carpets hate these feet!You don’t need LASIK to see the problem: you have two kids, three dogs, and your rug is starting to look three shades darker than it started. You have Denver weather all over your carpet.

1. Clean the carpet

We offer professional carpet cleaning services that will make your carpet look like new. Our steaming method removes 99.8% of all moisture after cleaning, so you can get back to enjoying your carpet immediately after we’re done.

2. Replace your carpet

Carpet cleaning is the obvious first choice…but cleaning can’t repair damaged carpet. Carpet fibers get frayed and carpet thins over time.

When you realize this, you’ll want to contact us for the best Denver carpet prices and carpet buying experience. Contact us today for a quote that includes a free carpet installation quote.

Spring mud is months early, so come see us about it!

If you want the most stain-resistant, high-tech, environmentally-friendly carpet (at the best prices in Denver), call us today.

Before you buy carpet, you should look for these two things…

Carpet buying is all about the fibers.

When you buy carpet — in Denver or elsewhere — you are buying a grid of twisted fibers; carpet is simply an accumulation of fibers twisted together. The quality of the fibers and the number of times the fibers have been twisted will make a huge difference in the longevity, comfort, look and feel of the carpet. Continue reading