The Importance of Carpet Pads

The right carpet pad can make a huge difference in how much you like your carpet!

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Photo by dno1967b

The most obvious reason you need a good carpet pad is because it feels nice under foot. A carpet pad can make a huge difference in how the carpet feels. You will love the soft feel of the carpet under foot with a nice carpet pad.

Sounds like a nice carpet pad!

When you’re walking around, there’s another benefit of carpet pads that other people in the house will love: sound dampening! Instead of your feet landing hard on the floor, the carpet pad will soften and diffuse the sound of your feet.

A nice carpet pad will make your feet warmer.

Carpet pads can serve as a thermal barrier between the cold sub-floor and your warm feet! Your feet will notice a huge difference if you replace an old, warn-out pad…or if you’re installing carpet pad for the first time.

Whoosh: is that the sound of better vacuuming?

Believe it or not, when you have a good carpet pad, you will be able to vacuum better.  The amount of dirt your vacuum can lift from your carpet is affected by how much the vacuum is able to lift the carpet. Without a carpet pad, there is less ability for the vacuum to suck dirt from all the way through the weave of the carpet! Your carpet will be cleaner with a carpet pad.

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